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RealtyPress Premium is packed with administration features and gives you the tools you need to easily customize RealtyPress Premium to suit your needs.  We do not offer a live demo site for the administration side of RealtyPress Premium.

Dashboard Widget

RealtyPress info at your fingertips, totals listing, total visitors and DDF® sync start and end times.

Dashboard Analytics

RealtyPress analytics at your fingertips, daily, weekly, yearly, and all time top listings.

Easy CREA DDF® Setup

CREA DDF® setup is a breeze in RealtyPress. Enter username, password, click submit, done.  Your credentials are tested upon saving.

Listing Result Appearance

Take control of the listing results layout appearance with numerous options such as, layout, map styles, default order, etc.

Single Listing Apperance

Take control of the single listings appearance with numerous options such as, layout style, map styles, default view,etc.

Custom Listings Table

Custom listing table displays listing cover image, agent, bedrooms, bathrooms, price, and more.

Manage Social

Control your social media sharing option, including open graph, tweet cards and toggling of social buttons.

Manage Libraries

Easily manage libraries loaded by RealtyPress, eliminating duplicate library loading and possible conflicts with themes using the same libraries.

Manage API Keys

Easily enter and manage your API key's easily to get the most out of RealtyPress Premium.

Manage Analytics

Easily manage your RealtyPress and REALTOR® analytics right in the WordPress admin.

Manage License

Easily manage your RealtyPress license, activate/deactivate, migrate to another domain.

Menu Search Links

Easily add RealtyPress search links to your custom menu's. Select desired links, click "Add to Menu".

Easy Access Logs

Need to view the DDF Sync logs? No problem they're accessible in the RealtyPress admin too.

Support & Documentation

All support contact info and documentation is at your fingertips and available in your WP admin so it's always accessible when you need it.

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